Jelly Mario

Jelly Mario is one more remake of the original super mario game which you can play at our website. In fact, the game is very difficult and most people just fail to understand how to control the character but that's the main factor of addiction. In Jelly Mario everything is made our of jelly. This means that even the main character is made of jelly and moves like jelly. For newbie players it is difficult to understand how to control the character and overcome the obstacles but believe me - a few minutes of practice will fix this issue.

The most strange thing in this game is gravity. It seems to be acting in different way. You have to manage to how control the strange jelly-like movements of your character. Once you undestand the basic movements of the character, the game will become more interesting for you. There are different types of enemies in this game, you just have to keep away from all of them and continue your journey towards the finish flag. Jelly Mario is not one of those games that can keep you engaged for hours, but in my opinion it is a game for those who world like to try something new in the original universe of super mario bros. Enjoy the full version of the game for free at our website.

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