Helix Jump

Sometimes the popular online games are moved to smarphones but sometimes the games which became popular on smartphones become available as a web version. Helix Jump is a great example of such game - the original edition of the game was developed for smartphones but because of the extremely high demand the developers published an HTML5 version too so you can now enjoy this woderful game at our website. Keep in mind that the game is easier to play on smartphone so it's up to you where to play it. The idea of the game is pretty simple - you control a giant platform which can move right or left. The bouncing ball should reach the bottom of the platform so you must move the platform in different directions just to help the ball find a spot and fall down. The gameplay is very simple and the graphis is wonderful so you will definitely fall in love with this game.

There are several rules in Helix Jump that you must follow in order to achieve the success. The first rule is simple - you must make the ball get maximum speed while flying down, for example if you can manage to make the ball fall through several sections of the platform without bounce back, the ball will gain speed and break the next section. But you must be pretty careful - if the ball hit the red section on the platform, you will lose the game and the gain will start from the beginning. Keep in mind that the levels in Helix Jump are becoming more and more difficult as you progress. In higher levels you will definitely have to reveal all your skills to achieve success. The basic controls for moving platform are arrow buttons.

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