Creatur io

Creatur io is a multiplayer online game which was created in 2017 year but still don't have a mobile version for smartphones so you can play it only in your browser on PC. Despite the fact that it is not the extremely popular game it still have a lot of active player on each server and you can enjoy the game online for free. In this game you control a small cat which has to eat food to grow bigger. The other players will try to eat you so be very careful. As you level up, you can unlock the special perks for your character like speed and others.

There are some special rules in this game which you must follow to achieve success. The only way to eat the other player is to bite him from behind. If you try to touch enemy head-on you will bounce off and nothing will happen. Another thing that you must know is the number of gems on the arena - their number is limited so the best strategy is to collect them as fast as possible to grow bigger and unlock perks. The main mission of the player is to grow bigger then anyone else on the server and dominate the area. Creatur io is a bit slow, a bit laggy but in the end it is worth trying - maybe you are the one who will fall in love with this game and spend hours dominating the map.

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