Cat Mario

Cat Mario is in fact one of the best remakes of the original game but also the most difficult one. The game was created long time ago and I really though that the game will die by the end of 2020 year because it used Flash Player, but thanks to the developers, they created a new version which is still working but didn't change anything in the game itself. So, the game was developed by the Japaneese developers and has the original name : Syobon action but because of the fact that the main character is cat, many people call it Cat Mario.

In Cat Mario you will control a small white cat in the original world of super mario bros. The enemies also look different here - like white circles coming to you and their skills also differ. Your mission is to run through the whole level and reach the finish flag alive but that's a difficult task. I have already told you that Cat Mario is one of the most difficult games about mario, but in my opinion it is the most difficult game I have ever played. Despite the fact that there are not many levels in this game, many people fail to complete even one level. The key is the unique world of the game - everything here is not what it seems to be. For example, the bricks can suddenly fall down when you walk by, or the enemy can fly out of the tube so you won't have enough time to reaction. The only way to success in this game is to play again and again to remember all the hidden traps and obstacles on the map. In my opinion, the difficulty of the game made this game very popular because people shared it to each other and asked to play it. There are some special perks for your cat which you can get in this game - for example you can grow bigger if you get a mushroom or you can even get weapons. Keep in mind that the number of lives is limited in this game so be very careful. If your lives go to zero, you will start the whole game from the beginning. Enjoy the original version of the Cat Mario for free at our website.

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