Aquapark io

Aquapark io is another multiplayer online game with a very addictive gameplay and awesome graphics. In fact, it is a racing game where all actions take place in the giant aquapark where the players should slide down the tube, challenge each other and reach the pool faster then opponents. The game has a very nice graphics and that's the main factor why this game is popular nowadays. Keep in mind that the game is available only in multiplayer mode - this means that you can't play it in single player mode on your own. As soon as the race starts, you have to control your character and don't let him fall down. This is pretty difficult task because the tubes are really long with a lot of turns, so you must be very careful. Each match of the game can host up to 15 players.

Remember that the game can seem rather difficult to the newbie player because it is difficult to control your character but practise can help you. During the slide, you can collect the additional perks and boosters to become faster then your opponents. You can control the direction of the character with WASD buttons on your keyboard but this game is also available on smartphones for free. The journey down the tube in the giant aquapark will test all your skills and winning the match is really difficult task for most of the players. Anyway, you have to try this game so enjoy the full version of Aquapark io for free at our website.

Aquapark io
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